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Zoggs Predator Flex Regular Fit Swimming Goggles Gray Blue Clear Lenses White The Zoggs Predator Flex Regular Fit swimming goggles with transparent lenses, ideal for swimming on days with variable luminosity or swimming pools with luminosity, practical for daily training.

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Pull Buoy Zoggs The traction buoy provides buoyancy and a perfect position in the water.

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Main Features: Zoggs Predator Flex Polarized Ultra Swimming Goggles Reduce and protect from the most harmful light and in turn amplify the underwater light on those days when the sky is darkest. They are perfect for swimming in open water.

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Zoggs Matrix Hand Swimming Paddles To improve your stroke technique while swimming and to increase your pulling power, an effective training with the Zoggs Matrix Hand Paddles is a good idea.

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Zoggs swimming goggles - Predator

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