Rotor 3D + cranks with INpower BCD 110 power meter

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  • 172,5 mm
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Rotor 3D + cranks with INpower BCD 110 power meter

Cranks with power meter on the left leg and data transmission via ANT +. It quantifies the power exerted, the cadence, the effectiveness of the torque, the uniformity of the pedaling, the distribution of the power according to the angle and the optimal position of the Q-Rings chainrings in case of mounting them.

Rotor 3D + cranks with INpower BCD 110 power meter

Rotor 3D + crankset (made of 7055 aluminum through CNC machining and with a 30mm axle) with a power meter on the left crank and INpower technology, integrated into the bottom bracket, being protected from shocks, water and dirt.

In addition to the lightness and rigidity of the 3D + cranks, they are joined by the latest technology in performance measurement through In Power technology that provides sophisticated, complete and precise measurements, which combined with powerful but easy-to-use software, allows us to interpret the data.

Rotor INpower begins to measure automatically when pedaling by sending the power data (measured in the left leg and multiplied by two, but being a programmable value), cadence, torque effectiveness (to know the negative torque, in quantity) via ANT + signal. and percentage) and uniformity of pedaling (round or piston pedaling).

Thanks to the TORQUE 360 graph, we can represent the polar curve of the torque, or effective force applied to the pedal, intuitively visualizing the power distribution at the different angles.

By not measuring the combined power of both legs like other systems on the market, it allows to know the complete cycle and how the power is delivered both in the lowering phase of the pedal (positive) and in the raising phase of the pedal (with a component negative, generally).

Visualizing the force polar is very useful to know the pedaling pattern and improve technique.

Another novelty provided by INpower is the OCA (Optimum Chainring Angle) which determines the angle in degrees, measured from the top dead center, in which the center of gravity of the work is located, represented in the Torque 360 graph. The OCA suggests in what position of the OCP points, mount the Q-RINGS chainrings if available.

All the new data offered by the INpower potentiometer is available for free on the software platforms offered by Rotor.

Another novelty presented by INpower is the use of a standard 1.5V AA battery, easy to replace, which gives it an approximate autonomy of 300 hours.

Available in 165/170 / 172.5 / 175 lengths it mounts a 110 BCD spider and 5 anchors, displaying a Q-Factor of 148mm.

Also available with 130 BCD spider and 5 screws; check availability.

They can mount 9, 10 and 11 speed oval or round chainrings.

With a 43.5mm chainline, they are compatible with BSA, ITA, BB86, BB30, BB30A, PF30, BBRight, BB386 and EVO386 bottom brackets.

Weight without battery: 525gr. (170mm)

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