Lurbel Ribbon Pink Black

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Lurbel Ribbon Pink Black

The high performance Lurbel Band offers great adaptability, breathability and facilitates the expulsion of sweat to the outside. Narrower version of the Tape Band; in this case, only 6 cm wide.

Lurbel Ribbon Pink Black

Made with an intelligent body perspiration fabric that provides the garment with bactericidal, odorless and maximum perspiration properties. It is developed for the highest demands and studied for a very specific use in sports at high temperatures.


● Cool-Tech: Technology based on a multi-channel synthetic yarn, characterized by its high perspiration power when it comes into contact with the skin and helps it stay dry.

● FeelCool: FeelCool demanding garments are intended for use in high temperatures. Its intelligent ergonomics present zones of greater perspiration in the points of more perspiration at the same time that its areas of adjustment without pressure and flat seams confer an adaptability and comfort without limits.

Composition: 86% Cool-Tech, 14% Lycra
REF: 00B7.750U.2200
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