Socks Compressport Pro Racing V4.0 High White

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Compressport Pro Racing V4.0 High Socks White

State-of-the-art running socks that offer superior comfort, blister prevention and optimal ventilation on all runs.

  • - T1 : 35-38
  • - T2 : 39-41
  • - T3 : 42-44
  • - T4 : 45-48

Comfortable and Slim: Compressport Pro Racing v4.0 High

Choosing the right pair of socks is essential for your performance and comfort. The Pro Racing v4.0 Run High socks are designed to offer optimal support, perfect moisture management and superior comfort. A lightweight 360° compression band around the arch of the foot prevents the socks from rolling or sliding down your shoes. And what is most important, they stimulate venous return, providing more tone to your footprint. Stability fins will give you more power on impacts.

These socks benefit from thin ventilation bands around the foot for total breathability. With their hydrophobic fibers, the socks dry very quickly, preventing your feet from getting wet. Every detail has been designed to prevent overheating and irritation. Seamless and elastic, these socks prevent unnecessary friction and pressure. Extra protection for the big toe protects it from impacts from the ground. The toe box is ultra-ergonomic, allowing the forefoot to spread out and comfortably take up the space it needs to optimize stability. With their sleek design, these running socks will easily match any outfit.


  • - Graduation of compression to the millimeter in the target areas provides oxygen to the muscles, thus improving performance and facilitating recovery.
  • - Blood circulation is activated by a multipoint massage in the plantar area.
  • Right / left foot specially designed to respect the anatomy of the foot and preserve its performance.
  • - The 3D points do not trap water (rain, humidity, perspiration) and facilitate its removal. Feet stay dry.
  • - Material: 94% PA / 6% elastane
  • - Weight: 33 grams
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