Lurbel Cristallo Women's Long Sleeve T-Shirt Purple

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Lurbel Cristallo Long Sleeve T-shirt Fuchsia Woman

The Lurbel Cristallo long sleeve thermal shirt has an ergonomic design with specific areas for greater cooling and perspiration wicking. Manufactured without seams on its perimeter, for greater adaptability and a feeling of elevated comfort. In addition, its seams are flat to minimize chafing.

Lurbel Cristallo Long Sleeve T-shirt Fuchsia Woman

- Improved sweat wicking capacity, thanks to the new iDTNeo technology structure
- Bad odor is eradicated as a result of the double anti-odor action of the silver grid and carbonized bamboo. The contribution of Bamboo Charcoal multifilament yarn is greater on the inside of the areas exposed to greater perspiration to optimize anti-odor action.
- Its structure with micro-spaces where body heat is housed, improves thermo-regulation

-RTD Neo
Evolved version of the iDT fabric. Carbonized bamboo yarn is now combined with a polyester with a five-channel cross section and three times the surface area of conventional polyester.
- Custom thermoregulation. Spreads more moisture, and dries faster.
- More natural and soft touch. Thanks to the zigzag pattern in the fabric, it gives the garment greater elasticity and sponginess.
- Double barrier against odor. The ionized bamboo yarn and the silver grid work together to prevent the proliferation of bacteria that cause bad odour.
- Protection factor. They have an ultraviolet protection factor of UPF 50+.

- Feel Thermo Xtrem
Thermally demanding garments are specifically designed for those sports that are practiced in extreme cold conditions and/or with long periods in static conditions in very low temperatures. Due to its composition, body temperature is retained and, due to its structure, it generates channels for the evacuation of sweat and humidity for a greater sense of hygiene.

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