Muscle Recovery 226ERS Vanilla 500GR

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The Muscle Recovery 226ERS Chocolate 500GR stands out for its effective recovery due to the high proportion of protein. If RECOVERY DRINK were designed with 15-20% protein, as is the case with other products, eating other foods would reduce its recovery capacity as the proportion of protein ingested would be reduced too much.

Muscle Recovery 226ERS Chocolate 500GR

After exercise, it is essential to recover as soon as possible to:

Assimilate training. To be able to perform the next day at 100%.

We must:

Protect and rebuild "damaged" muscles during exercise through proteins and amino acids.

Fill glycogen stores as soon as possible with a quality carbohydrate.

Provide 15-25% protein with respect to carbohydrate.

We know:

How you behave after a hard workout.

That, in addition to a specific product to recover, you eat fruit, juices, sugary drinks, energy bars, ...

All this carbohydrate intake reduces the proportion of ingested protein, which hinders recovery.


It recovers you 100% because it contains approximately 50% of the best protein with respect to carbohydrate.

It also provides:

L-Arginine (250 mg per dose).

Facilitates recovery.

- Creatine (3 g per dose).

Reduces recovery time and loss of muscle mass. Combine it with:

Mineral salts. 1 capsule of SALTS Electrolytes or 500 ml of ISOTONIC DRINK

Energy for recovery 1 ENDURANCE FUEL BAR.

Low sugar content. Low lactose content. It does not contain gluten.

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