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Running Caps

A running cap can be the solution to different problems that many runners often encounter, such as preventing sweat from running down your face and ending up fogging up your trail running glasses.

The rear adjustment with buckle or velcro allows the running cap to adapt perfectly to the shape of each runner's head, the inner "wipe" that covers the forehead absorbs excess sweat, thus preventing it from rolling down the face.

Trail running caps are for many runners, along with sunglasses, 2 of the accessories that cannot be missing from their equipment whenever they go running during the hours when the sun can be an impediment.

On the other hand, ventilation in a sports cap is essential and is probably the point where you should pay the most attention. It must be made of highly breathable materials in such a way that it allows moisture to be evacuated so that it dries with the air.

Running caps are very light and can get wet without losing their shape. For a correct practice of this sport, good sports equipment is necessary: a running shirt , running pants and of course, good running shoes . For this, we offer you the best offer in clothing , shoes and running accessories such as men's and women 's running caps from the best brands at really competitive prices.

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