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Vegan Energy Bars

Vegan energy bars are an excellent option for athletes looking for optimal performance without compromising their ethical principles or health. These bars are formulated exclusively with plant-based ingredients, providing high-quality energy and nutrients.

Main ingredients

These bars usually have oats as their main ingredient, known for their nutritional properties and their ability to provide long-lasting energy. Additionally, they can include nuts, seeds, dehydrated fruits and other superfoods that contribute to their nutritional value.

Benefits for Athletes

Vegan bars are not only a quick and convenient source of energy, but they also help maintain a balanced diet rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals . They are ideal for cyclists, runners and triathletes who need to maintain high energy levels during training and competitions.

Versatile Use

These bars can be used both as daily snacks and as energy sources during sports activities. Their compact format and easy digestion make them perfect to carry in any situation, whether a long day in the mountains or an intense training session.

Brands Available in 365rider

At 365rider you will find a selection of the best brands of vegan energy bars on the market. Among them stand out:

  • 226ERS
  • Nutrinovex
  • Clif Bar
  • SIS
  • Holy Mother

Each of these brands offers high quality products, formulated to meet the energy needs of the most demanding athletes, without compromising health or the environment.

Buy on 365rider

Find your ideal vegan energy bar in our online store or visit our physical store in Valencia. Enjoy ethical and efficient sports nutrition, and take your performance to the next level with 365rider.

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