Energy bars

Energy bars

Bars are one of the supplements most used by Runners , Riders and Swimming lovers around the world to improve their performance when doing physical exercise.

It is a sports supplement that provides a large amount of energy and is easy to transport during sports.

At 365rider you can find a wide range of sports nutrition. In our online store you can see all the best energy bars.

What type of Nutrition Bar to take?

As you know, there are different forms of bars, from vegan to protein. We leave you the types you need according to your sports needs:

Protein bars:

Protein bars have been created to complement the daily protein intake that athletes need. They are really convenient because, as you know, consuming large amounts of protein is not always easy. Brands such as 226ERS or Nutrinovex offer these bars, and there is also an exclusive range for vegans.

Vegan Bars:

These energy bars normally have oats as their main ingredient, which provides texture and highly recommended properties to endure long days on the bike or running in the mountains. Its use can be used both as a snack and as an energy drink. These types of bars do not contain any type of ingredient of animal origin , for those who wish to follow a diet without animal origin and with the aim of continuing to perform at their best.

Energy bar:

These, as their name indicates, are exclusively intended to provide that extra energy necessary on days of Cycling, Running, Triathlon or any other sporting activity that you practice. Currently the most powerful brands on the market try to improve their bars by excluding sugars or additives.

365rider Nutrition Brands:

Among our Nutrition catalog you can find the best international brands of Sports Nutrition.

Find your sports bar in our online store or the 365rider Physical store in Valencia.

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