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Swimming, like other sports such as and cycling, running, needs specific swimming equipment. For the true lovers of water sports or triathlon, we bring you the best selection of swimming equipment.

The star swimming accessory is the goggles. There are swimming goggles for swimming pools and for open water swimming. Swimming goggles have to allow a high visibility, because in the deep sea visibility is reduced and in case of swimming in a pool the chlorine in the water irritates the eyes. Within the star swimming accessory we also highlight as a key aspect the comfort in the eye and nose area.

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Swimming caps are also part of a swimmer's equipment. They insulate from the cold and keep hair dry. Just like swimming trunks their composition is made of material that protects from the water.

Michael Phels or Turbo Swimming Tubes are an ideal and inexpensive addition to improve endurance in the water.

For the most demanding swimmers, the Swimming Buoys are your accessory par excellence. You can carry drinks, energy bars or spare goggles to gain as much time as possible.

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