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Castelli: Excellence in Cycling Clothing

Castelli leads the cycling clothing market with its focus on innovation, design and superior quality. With Italian roots, the brand is synonymous with performance and style, offering cyclists around the world advanced technical clothing that sets new standards in the sport.

The History of Castelli

Origins and Evolution

Castelli, founded in 1876 in Milan, Italy, has been a pioneer in cycling clothing since its inception. With a rich history of innovation, Castelli introduced the first lycra racing jersey in 1974, revolutionizing the wardrobe of professional and amateur cyclists alike.

Over the years, Castelli has maintained a strong commitment to excellence in design and performance, leading the brand to be synonymous with superior quality and technological advancements in the world of cycling.

Commitment to Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of every Castelli garment. From developing aerodynamic fabrics to creating ergonomic cuts, Castelli is constantly looking for ways to improve the cycling experience for its users, allowing them to reach their full potential.

With patents such as the Progetto X2 Air chamois and Gabba technology for adverse weather conditions, Castelli continues to lead the market in terms of innovation and functional design.

Featured Products

High Performance Clothing

Castelli offers a wide range of cycling clothing designed for all types of conditions and needs. From jerseys and shorts to jackets and accessories, each Castelli product is designed to provide maximum performance, comfort and style.

The Rosso Corsa line, for example, represents the pinnacle of performance, offering professional and enthusiast cyclists the best solutions in terms of aerodynamics, thermal regulation and comfort over long distances.

Innovative Accessories

In addition to clothing, Castelli also produces a variety of accessories that complement and enhance the cycling experience. From caps, gloves and shoe covers to technical socks, each accessory is designed with the same focus on performance, innovation and quality.

Castelli accessories not only enhance functionality and comfort but also embody distinctive Italian style, allowing cyclists to express their passion for cycling with elegance.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Sustainability Efforts

Castelli is committed to reducing its environmental impact through the careful selection of sustainable materials and production processes. The brand is constantly working to improve energy efficiency and reduce waste throughout its operations.

Additionally, Castelli promotes the use of recycled fabrics and ecological dyeing processes, demonstrating its commitment to environmental protection and the development of responsible products.

Commitment to the Community

Castelli is not only dedicated to excellence in cycling but also to fostering a global community of cyclists. Through sponsorships, events and programs to support emerging athletes, Castelli seeks to inspire and nurture the love of cycling in people of all ages and abilities.

The brand is proud of its role in the advancement of cycling globally, supporting both professional teams and local initiatives that promote cycling as a healthy and sustainable way of life.




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