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Castelli is a renowned Italian brand specialized in cycling clothing and accessories. With a perfect combination of design, innovation and quality , Castelli offers technical and functional garments that help cyclists achieve their maximum performance. From jerseys and shorts to jackets and accessories, the brand has become a reference in the world of cycling, both for professional cyclists and passionate amateurs. With a long tradition and a constant focus on excellence, Castelli has earned the trust of cyclists around the world.

Castelli: Innovation and Performance in the Cycling World

Since its establishment in 1876, the Castelli brand has been known for its dedication to innovation and performance in the cycling world. Based in Italy, Castelli is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of technical clothing for cyclists.

Castelli is constantly developing and improving its products using the newest and most advanced technologies. Their focus on research and development has led them to pioneer many of the technologies used in cycling apparel. Among these technologies, we highlight:

  • Gabba: Castelli's Gabba technology offers exceptional protection against wind and rain without compromising breathability. This technology is widely used in their jackets and jerseys, ensuring that cyclists stay dry and comfortable in all weather conditions.
  • Nano Flex: Castelli's Nano Flex technology provides durable protection against rain and moisture while maintaining elasticity and breathability. This technology is used in their shorts and leg warmers, ensuring that cyclists stay dry and protected during long rides.

In addition to their innovative technologies, Castelli offers a wide range of iconic products. Among them are the famous Free Aero Race jerseys, designed to improve aerodynamics and performance in high-intensity competitions. The Premio shorts also stand out, combining comfort and performance to offer an optimal riding experience.

Castelli is known for its close collaboration with professional cyclists and elite teams. Some of the most prominent representatives of the brand include riders like Tom Dumoulin, Elia Viviani, and Alejandro Valverde. These cyclists trust Castelli to provide them with the best performance in the most demanding races in the world.

If you are looking for high-quality technical clothing for your cycling outings, look no further. All Castelli products can be found at 365 Rider, where you can discover a wide range of garments designed to enhance your cycling experience. From jerseys and shorts to jackets and accessories, Castelli offers everything you need to achieve your goals and push your limits in the cycling world.




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