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Post Workout Energy Bars

Post-workout energy bars are ideal for those looking for quick recovery after exercise. These bars provide the essential nutrients necessary for muscle recovery and replenishment of energy lost during physical activity.

These are sports supplements that combine proteins, carbohydrates and other nutrients in a convenient and easy-to-consume form. At 365rider, you can find a wide range of post-workout energy bars. In our online store, you can see the best products on the market.

What type of Post Workout Energy Bar to take?

There are different types of post-workout energy bars, each formulated to meet various recovery needs. Below, we leave you the types you need according to your objectives:

Protein Bars:

These bars are designed to provide an adequate amount of protein for post-workout muscle repair and building. Brands like 226ERS and Nutrinovex offer high-quality protein bars, including vegan options.

Bars with Carbohydrates:

These bars help replenish glycogen stores that are depleted during exercise. They are ideal for regaining energy and preparing the body for the next training session. Brands like Clif Bar and SIS have great options in this category.

Bars with Electrolytes:

In addition to proteins and carbohydrates, these bars contain electrolytes that help rehydrate the body and maintain the balance of essential minerals. Brands like ETIXX and Santa Madre offer bars with an excellent combination of nutrients.

Nutrition Brands on 365rider:

In our sports nutrition catalog, you will find the best international brands that offer high-quality post-workout energy bars to satisfy all your needs.

  • 226ERS
  • Nutrinovex
  • Clif Bar
  • SIS
  • Holy Mother

Find the perfect post-workout energy bars to boost your recovery in our online store or in the 365rider physical store in Valencia.

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