Tubular Tyres

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Main Features Continental Sprinter Tubular Tire 700x22mm-25mm If you are looking for a tube with excellent value for money, resistant to punctures and durable. Look no further because the Continental Sprinter is the quintessential Tubular.

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Main Features Continental Tubular Tire - Sprinter Gatorskin This tire has inherited the best qualities of the popular Ultra GatorSkin road tyre, such as its tough black carbon tread blend, effective puncture protection tread and DuraSkin® anti-cut material.

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23 reviews
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Main Features Continental Competition Black Tubular Tire 700 x 22-25 Spectacular grip, lightness and great rolling! The Tubular Continental Competition tire is exceptional! The one chosen by the best.

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Main Characteristics Giro Continental Tubular Tire Highly reliable tubular with well-known Continental quality.

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Tire Turbular S22 Special 700x21 Black Tufo S22, designed to ride many kilometers and with great resistance to punctures. In addition, it has a new central grip system that will give you greater security.

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Main Features Tubular Tufo Elite Ride The Tubular Tufo Elite Ride 700x23-25mm is an ideal tubular for periods of more intense outings and competitions due to its excellent traction and grip.

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Tubular Tufo Cubus Cross 33SG Black 28 "* 33mm Tire Maximum pressure; 4.5 bar (65 psi) Weight: 350g Tpi: 60/90

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Tufo Elite Pulse Tubular Tire - Triathlon 700x (22-25mm) The Tubular Eilte Pulse by Tufo is a new high-end model that has been designed for competition due to its lightness and high pressure. Recommended use: triathlon / time trial

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Tubular Tire Tufo Primus 33SG Cross black 28 "* 33mm Perfect for most conditions but not deep mud. Its low weight creates good resistance against floors. Maximum pressure; 4.5 bar (65 psi) Weight: 400g Tpi: 60/90

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Main Features Tufo Carbon Tubular - Hi Composite 700 x 23-25-28 The Tufo Hi-Composite Carbon tubular is a very versatile and durable tubular that is ideal for use in both training and competition.

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40 reviews
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Main Features Tufo S33 Pro Tubular Tire The Tufo S 33 Pro tubular tire is an all-purpose training product with high inflation pressure. This product will not leave anyone indifferent since it is possibly the most economical tubular on the market without sacrificing excellent performance.

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66 reviews
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Tubular Continental Podium TT 700x25c The tubular CONTINENTAL Podium TT is a model designed to go full throttle, perfect for time trials or triathlons.

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Pirelli Tubular P ZERO velo 700x25 P ZERO ™ Velo Tub is a high-end handcrafted, ready-to-run tubular tire that is perfect for long distance races as well as faster races, as well as being a solid and reliable tire for everyday driving. .

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Blister 2 Removable Fine Valves Aluminum 40mm

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Tubular Vittoria Corsa Graphene 700 x 23-25 Black

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What is a Tubular Tyre?

Historically, it is the competition tire, but that has changed over the years and technological evolution. We are talking about a cover that is directly glued to the rim that, with few exceptions, must be made of carbon. The bottom is usually made of latex or a robust material that is adhered with glue or double-sided tape to the rim.


  • Lightness and less resistance to friction because they withstand more pressure.
  • Holds better grip
  • They puncture much less and lose little pressure.

Featured Models Tubular Road Tyres:

Tufo S33 Tubular Tire: The preferred option for many of those who want to enter the world of tubulars. The Tufo S33 Pro is an affordable general purpose training tube with high inflation pressure of up to 12 bar. It has resistance and optimal adherence in relation to its price.

Best Tubular Tyres for Training:

Continental Sprinter Tubular - A best seller for obvious reasons: BlackChili compound, a SafetySystem Breaker technology made of a Kevlar-reinforced high-strength nylon material, puncture resistance, excellent durability and good durability. It just has it all.

Best Tubular for Competition:

Continental Competition - Another of the World Tour classics: It is a step further than the sprinter. It has all the technology, but is lighter and the diamond tread provides better traction and adapts to possible irregularities on the road optimally.

How to change a Tubular Tire:

Putting a Tubular Tire or tire on a wheel is not an easy thing and should be taken lightly. If we do not do it correctly we can break it and suffer a serious accident on our outings. We always recommend doing it in a specialized workshop. We have a cycling workshop service in our store in Valencia in Calle La Costera 2, 365Rider.

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