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A cyclist does not cycle without his bike, and the bike relies on its wheels.

Wheels are complex and sometimes suffer punctures or are not well maintained. In our Online Shop we explain what you need to be well equipped for your MTB or road rides.

Tyres are the outer part, usually made of rubber. Road tyres are thin and light because on the road the abrasion is less and the tyre suffers less. The lightness helps you to go faster in your training and cycling or triathlon competitions.

The MTB (Mountain Bike) tyres stand out for their robustness and different air pressure. The rubber lugs help to improve the grip on your mountain routes.

The inner tubes are located inside the wheel and without them the tyre will not work as it gives pressure to the wheel.

The Tubeless system

What is Tubeless?

The Tubeless system consists of mounting the bicycle tyre without an inner tube.

Tubeless is a lighter system than the traditional tyre, a tubular can get more speed and is suitable for traditional footwear and avoid friction.

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