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Mizuno: Innovation and Performance

Since 1906, Mizuno has set standards in sports apparel and footwear design. Committed to improving athletic performance and technological innovation.

Main features of Mizuno clothing

Mizuno clothing is characterized by its functional design, its comfort, its lightness and its durability. Mizuno uses technical materials and exclusive technologies to create garments that adapt to the athlete's body and movement, offer optimal breathability and protection, and resist intensive use. Mizuno offers a wide range of clothing for various sports, from t-shirts, pants, jackets, to socks and gloves.

Most important products of Mizuno clothing

Among the most important products of Mizuno clothing are the following:

  • The Breath Thermo series: is a line of thermal clothing that uses a patented Mizuno technology that generates heat by absorbing moisture from the body. The Breath Thermo series includes t-shirts, pants, jackets and gloves ideal for sports in cold climates.1
  • The Drylite series: is a clothing line that uses a special fabric that facilitates sweat evaporation and keeps the body dry and cool. The Drylite series includes t-shirts, pants, jackets and socks suitable for sports in hot weather.1
  • The Wave Series: is a line of footwear that uses a unique Mizuno technology that provides excellent cushioning, stability and response. The Wave series includes shoes for running, fitness, soccer, handball and volleyball.1

Professional athletes wearing the Mizuno brand

Mizuno is a brand present in the world of professional sports. Many teams and elite athletes trust Mizuno for their sports clothing and footwear. Some examples are:

  • The Lazio team: it is one of the most historic teams in Italian football, with three league titles and seven national cups. The Lazio team wears Mizuno shirts, pants and socks.2
  • The Scott-SRAM team: is one of the most prominent teams in mountain biking, with several world championships and Olympic medals. The Scott-SRAM team uses Mizuno.3 shoes
  • César Cielo: He is one of the best swimmers in history, with three Olympic medals and six world titles. César Cielo uses Mizuno swimsuits.4
  • Laura Muir: she is one of the best British athletes of the moment, with two European medals and four national records. Laura Muir wears Mizuno sneakers.
  • Mikkel Hansen: He is one of the best handball players in the world, with three world titles and two Olympic medals. Mikkel Hansen wears Mizuno shoes.



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