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Discover Mizuno Running: Innovation and Comfort

Mizuno elevates the running experience with advanced footwear designed for performance, comfort and durability. Join the running revolution with Mizuno and take your running to the next level.

Mizuno History and Legacy

Origins and Expansion

Founded in 1906 in Osaka, Japan, Mizuno began as a small sportswear store and has grown to become one of the leading brands in the world of sports. Their commitment to quality and innovation has been constant over the years, allowing them to expand globally and gain the trust of athletes of all levels.

The focus on technology and product development has led Mizuno to be at the forefront of sports footwear and apparel design, meeting the needs of athletes in disciplines such as athletics, soccer, baseball and golf.

Contributions and Innovations

Mizuno has pioneered the introduction of revolutionary technologies in sports footwear, such as its Wave system, which provides an optimal balance between cushioning and stability. This innovation has marked a milestone in the industry and has improved the performance of athletes.

In addition, the brand has stood out for its commitment to sustainability, implementing production processes that reduce environmental impact and promoting the recycling of sports products.

Featured Mizuno Products

Innovative Footwear

Mizuno's line of footwear ranges from running shoes to specific footwear for sports such as volleyball and soccer. Wave technology is emblematic of the brand, offering a unique experience in terms of cushioning, stability and response.

These innovations make Mizuno footwear not only chosen by professionals, but also by amateurs looking to improve their performance and protection during exercise.

High Quality Sportswear

Mizuno is also notable for its sportswear, designed for both performance and comfort. Using high-quality materials and cutting-edge technologies, Mizuno clothing offers ventilation, flexibility and durability.

From technical t-shirts to jackets and pants, each garment is designed to maximize sports performance and meet the demands of the most demanding athletes.

Commitment to Performance and Community

Support for Athletes and Events

Mizuno not only focuses on the production of high-quality sports equipment, but also supports athletes and sporting events around the world. Its goal is to promote sport and help people reach their full potential, regardless of their level.

The brand sponsors events, teams and athletes, providing them with the necessary tools for their development and success in sport.

Social Responsibility Initiatives

Mizuno's commitment to the community extends beyond sport. The brand carries out various social responsibility initiatives, including footwear and sportswear recycling programs, and projects to promote access to sport in disadvantaged communities.

These actions reflect Mizuno's commitment to the well-being of society and the environment, reaffirming its position as a responsible brand committed to the future.




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