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Kask, a leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality helmets for cycling, skiing and mountaineering, is distinguished by its commitment to safety, comfort and style. Founded in Italy, Kask combines Italian craftsmanship with technological innovation to deliver superior products that meet the demands of professional and amateur athletes alike.

With a focus on innovation and safety, Kask helmets are designed to provide optimal protection and exceptional performance. Each helmet is a testament to Italian quality and design, ensuring that users enjoy maximum safety without compromising on style.

About Kask

Origins and Philosophy

Kask, founded in Italy in 2004, has been dedicated to developing premium safety helmets for sports where protection is essential. Our philosophy focuses on the perfect union between advanced technology, quality materials, innovative design and exceptional functionality, guaranteeing safety without sacrificing style or comfort.

With a focus on Italian craftsmanship, each Kask helmet is a testament to our commitment to excellence, designed to meet the needs of professional and amateur athletes alike, providing the best experience in safety and performance.

Innovation and Security

Innovation is at the heart of every Kask design, driving the development of technologies that set new standards in helmet safety. Our products are the result of extensive research, rigorous testing and intuitive design, ensuring unmatched protection in any situation.

From ergonomic fit systems to advanced ventilation solutions and state-of-the-art shock absorption materials, Kask is dedicated to constantly improving the safety, comfort and performance of our helmets for all athletes.

Our products

Cycling Helmets

Kask cycling helmets are chosen by cyclists around the world, from enthusiasts to professionals, for their perfect combination of safety, comfort and style. Designed with a deep understanding of cyclists' needs, our helmets offer superior aerodynamics, exceptional ventilation and a customizable fit for all types of cycling.

Models such as the Kask Protone and the Valegro are notable for their lightness, durability and ventilation capabilities, ensuring maximum performance and protection on the road or mountain.

Helmets for Winter Sports and Mountaineering

Kask is also proud of its line of ski and mountaineering helmets, offering uncompromised safety in extreme conditions. With features like integrated visors to protect against sun and wind, and fit systems that ensure a secure fit, our helmets are the perfect choice for snow adventures and high mountain climbs.

Our helmets are designed to offer thermal comfort, impact protection and optimal visibility, ensuring athletes can take on the toughest challenges with confidence.

Commitment to the Community and the Environment

Social responsability

Kask is committed to promoting responsible practices in both the production of our helmets and our community involvement. We firmly believe in the power of sport to drive positive change and are dedicated to supporting events, teams and athletes who share our values of excellence, integrity and sustainability.

Our focus on social responsibility goes hand in hand with our commitment to innovation and quality, demonstrating that it is possible to lead in the industry without compromising our ethical and environmental principles.

Environmental sustainability

At Kask, sustainability is a priority. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment, from using recycled and recyclable materials to optimizing our manufacturing processes to be more efficient and less harmful to the planet.

We understand that our responsibility as a brand goes beyond producing safe helmets. That's why we strive to lead by example, adopting practices that ensure a greener future for the next generations of athletes and adventurers.

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