Running Socks

Running socks are the only truly essential accessories for runners. On many occasions they are not given much attention, but running with running compression socks makes a difference in your training or races, since the socks are the ones that are really in contact with the feet and skin, and wearing them means avoiding blisters, chafing or poor fit.

These can be padded to improve cushioning and reduce impacts on uneven terrain during trail running, but the main thing is that they have a good mesh structure so that they can breathe and avoid moisture, which is what causes the blisters and chafing.

The Trail Running Socks are somewhat more shock-absorbing and less slippery, as these trail socks face continuous braking, descents or climbs on floors with little grip.

There are different types of socks:

Opting for some models or others depends a bit on the customs or preferences of the person. They can be high-cut , whose length extends past the ankle, although today the general preference of runners is short socks that fall below the ankle.

On the other hand, other important factors to take into account when choosing them are thickness, compression and seams:

  • - The thickness: A sock that is too thick can cause the opposite effect to what we are looking for when choosing technical socks, since ifthe foot warms up (even in winter), blisters may appear.
  • - Compression: The socks must be adjusted to the foot, because if they are not, during the race they could move and cause discomfort.
  • - The seams: Most of the newest socks do not have seams, since the manufacturers decided to eliminate them or make them flat so that they do not cause any discomfort.

Best Running Compression Socks Brands

  • Funny Sporcks Socks : Sporcks is a famous brand among triathletes, they have specialized in Running and Cycling. Their socks stand out for their cheerful and innovative designs, and their fabric having an overwhelming quality.
  • Compressport Technical Socks: Specialists in compression clothing for men and women.
  • Lurbel Compression Socks: Ergonomic high performance socks with thermal function.

Suitable running socks must be complemented by good running shoes, which adapt to your sports needs; Whether they are shoes with cushioningor spikes for athletics or suited for trail running or light for road running.

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