Trail Running Shoes

Trail Running Shoes

Trail Running Shoes are characterized by lugs on the sole; they are designed for running on unstable terrain, mud, stones or snow. Thanks to their raised yet solid sole, they improve grip and traction and prevent possible slipping.

On the other hand, we must take into account the type of terrain for which we will use the trail running shoes; for "easy" terrain we will need fewer and smaller lugs, to have a good grip, but at the same time flexible, so that they are more dynamic and can adapt to the ground.

In "wet" terrain we will need more lugs and with more distance between them so that they can expel the mud well, and if they are triangular and soft, our rainy races will be safer.

Finally, in "rocky" terrain, it is necessary to have high and rigid cleats in our trail running shoes that are not too far apart so that stones are not left inside, and they resist abrasions from rocks.

It is advisable to wear specific trail running clothing. Running and trail running pants are very short, allowing wide strides and air intakes. Men's and Women´s trail running pants are essential for mountain outings.

Trail Running T-shirts are also important for their design and breathability, running shirts in the mountains let sweat and air pass through easily.

Where to buy Trail Running shoes online?

In 365rider we offer you the best trail running shoes for men and women from the best brands:

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New Balance trail running shoes

On trail running shoes

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Merrell trail running shoes

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