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MET Helmets: Innovation and Style in Cycling

Discover the fusion of safety, performance and design with MET helmets. Cutting-edge technology for demanding cyclists who seek the best.

The Met Philosophy

Innovation and Design

Met Helmets has been synonymous with innovation and exceptional design since its founding in Italy in the 1980s. Our mission is to offer helmets that not only protect athletes, but also improve their performance thanks to continuous research and development.

Each Met helmet is designed with Italian passion and precision, ensuring that users enjoy maximum safety without compromising on style. Our product lines range from professional cycling to adventure sports, each with unique features that meet the specific needs of our customers.

Commitment to Safety

Safety is the cornerstone of all Met products. We use advanced shock absorption technologies and the highest quality materials to ensure that each helmet offers the best protection possible. Our safety standards exceed international regulations, which has earned us the trust of athletes around the world.

Our rigorous testing processes and constant collaboration with sports professionals ensure that each new helmet design meets the highest safety and performance expectations.

Featured Products

Cycling Helmets

Met's range of cycling helmets are designed for all levels, from amateurs to professionals. With features like optimized ventilation, ergonomic fit and aerodynamic protection, our helmets are chosen by cyclists around the world.

Featured models like the Met Manta and Met Trenta redefine what cyclists can expect from a helmet in terms of comfort, speed and safety, setting new standards in the market.

Adventure Sports Helmets

For extreme and adventure sports enthusiasts, Met offers rugged, versatile helmets that provide superior protection no matter the terrain. From mountain descending to BMX, our helmets are designed to take on any challenge.

The Met Parachute is one of our most popular helmets in this category, offering an unmatched combination of lightness, ventilation and protection for the most daring riders.

Sustainability and Community

Sustainable Practices

At Met, we are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. We adopt practices that reduce our impact on the planet, from using recyclable materials to optimizing our production processes to minimize waste.

Our vision of sustainability extends to every aspect of our activity, seeking not only to protect athletes with our products, but also the world in which they live and practice their sport.

Support to the community

Beyond our products, Met is proud to support the sports community through sponsorships, events and safety education programs. We firmly believe in encouraging a safe and active lifestyle, and work closely with organizations and athletes to promote sport and physical activity.

From local races to international competitions, Met is present supporting athletes and promoting the values of sport and camaraderie among participants.

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