Backpacks and Hydration Vests

Hydration Vests

When running, it's important to stay hydrated before, during and after your workout. You can stay hydrated while running with these running hydration vests.

Running Hydration packs and sport glasses are running accessories that are increasingly in demand by runners due to their excellent performance, benefit and product quality.

Hydration backpacks have a very comfortable and efficient hydration system that helps runners stay hydrated during races and training sessions of any distance; they are very useful during long runs as you can hydrate as needed to keep your energy up.

How do you choose a hydration pack or vest?

Hydration packs are very important during a training session or race. When choosing the perfect backpack, it is therefore important to consider certain key features such as weight, material or type of equipment.

    Fit and comfort: It is important that the backpack or waistcoat feels like a second skin and you should avoid those that have a bouncing effect.

    Load distribution: The more pockets the backpacks have, the better the load distribution and the better for the runner. In addition to providing water or isotonic drinks during the race, they also contain compartments for small personal items such as keys, mobile phone or energy bars.
    The back: The backrest that comes into contact with the body should be padded for comfort. Manufacturers often make the back from 3D mesh, a breathable fabric that prevents the accumulation of sweat.

Trail Running Hydration Vest

If you are looking for a lightweight and very functional running vest, then hydration vests are just what you need. Thanks to their design, they are very ergonomic, fit perfectly to your body and offer a good freedom of movement while you carry your hydration bladder, so you can hydrate yourself on your long distance runs with the least possible weight - some models weigh as little as 140 grams.

As for the difference between a backpack and a trail running vest, despite its similar design, the backpack has a greater number of compartments, especially in the back. The ability to carry more food, water bottles, bottle holders or clothing is essential if you want to go on long hikes in nature or in the mountains. Another distinguishing feature is that most backpack models have a belt that adjusts to the hip, while waistcoats do not.

Salomon Hydration Vests

At 365Rider, one of the brands we highlight is Salomon, makers of running and trail running products. Salomon hydration vests or running backpacks are a top accessory, the latest technology used in their Salomon brand hydration vest trail running are a point in the brand's favour.

We recommend the following models:

    Salomon Sense Pro 10 Set Vest
    Salomon Active Skin 4 Valiant hydration vest
    Salomon Active Skin hydration vest

These models are characterised by their large capacity for carrying water bottles and their breathable material.

Other trend-setting brands for men's and women's running hydration vests, hydration pack running and backpacks for are:

    Ultimate Direction
    Arch Marx
    Zone 3

At 365Rider we offer a wide range of hydration packs, bags and waistcoats to keep you hydrated on the go. Take advantage of our Black Friday Running Deals online and close to you in Valencia.

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