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Blackburn Airstik 2 Stage Gray Manual Pump Blackburn Airstik 2 Stage detachable hand pump with aluminum body and shaft. It has a mode for fast inflation and a low pressure mode to reduce effort.

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VAR Consumer Foot Pump with Pressure Gauge 60 psi / 11 bar The VAR Shop Pump with 160 psi / 11 bar gauge is ergonomically designed and robust. Its steel body attaches securely to the pump base, has a precision gauge, and fits Presta, Schrader, and Dunlop.

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Genuine Innovations

CO2 bottle - 25gr. Genuine Innovations 25gr CO2 cartridge. recommended for 29 "and 27.5+ wheels

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Tubeless Valve for Aluminum Mousse 44 mm Black Box 10 uTubeless Valve for Black Aluminum Mousse 44 mm.

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PRO Digital Team Foot Pump Designed to give you a better experience on your sports bike, the PRO Team Digital Workshop Pump allows you to inflate your tires with precision. Thanks to its high-quality aluminum design and high-precision digital pressure gauge, it allows the most demanding cyclists to achieve the perfect pressure in their tires.

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Eltin 200 PSI Workshop Floor Pump Black The Eltin Workshop Pump features an aluminum base and an ergonomic wooden handle. They have a modern and elegant design that also offers the highest precision for your tires.

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Giyo mini GP-65 telescopic pump The Giyo Mini GP-65 telescopic workshop pump is made of plastic. It measures only 23 cm so you can always carry it with you, and it includes a holder for the bottle cage. It is compatible with both the presta valve and the schrader valve (motor or fine valve) and has a closing lever.

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Blackburn SL Inflator Black Silver This pump is characterized by its compact design that allows you to fix your puncture and continue cycling. weight: 59g

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Mini Giyo Aluminum Pump with GP-61A Gauge Aluminum telescopic inflator with pressure gauge and locking lever. Reversible valve (presta / schrader)

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