Vegan Drinks

Vegan drinks are a great option for those looking to improve their athletic performance while following a diet free of animal products. Used by runners, cyclists and fitness enthusiasts around the world, these drinks provide energy, essential nutrients and optimal hydration.

These are sports supplements that provide proteins, vitamins and minerals, and are easy to consume before, during or after exercise. At 365rider, you can find a wide range of vegan drinks. In our online store, you can see the best products on the market.

What type of Vegan Drink to drink?

There are different types of vegan drinks, each formulated to meet various sporting needs. Below, we leave you the types you need according to your objectives:

Protein Drinks:

These drinks are designed to aid in muscle building and repair. They contain proteins of plant origin such as pea, rice and hemp.

Energy drinks:

Vegan energy drinks provide a quick energy boost thanks to their naturally occurring carbohydrate and caffeine content. They are ideal for intense training and competitions.

Isotonic drinks:

These drinks help replace electrolytes lost during intense exercise, maintaining the body's water balance. They are perfect for long-term activities such as marathons and cycling.

Nutrition Brands on 365rider:

In our sports nutrition catalog, you will find the best international brands that offer high-quality vegan drinks to satisfy all your needs.

  • Overestimates
  • 226ERS
  • Maurten
  • Nutrinovex
  • SIS

Find the perfect vegan drinks to boost your sports performance in our online store or in the 365rider physical store in Valencia.

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