226ers Recovery Drink Single Dose Strawberry

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  • 226ers Recovery Drink Single Dose Strawberry
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226ers Recovery Drink Single Dose Strawberry

Drink to take immediately after physical activity, in order to obtain an effective recovery.

Provides ultrafiltered whey proteins , latest generation amylopectins

226ers Recovery Drink Single Dose Strawberry

Contains MCT Omega 3 Oil: Anti-inflammatory property, antioxidant, reduces blood pressure. > Creatine: CREAPURE® monohydrate. > Whey protein concentrate: Free of impurities, as a muscle anabolic. > With L-Arginine: Stimulates growth hormone and acts as a dilating vessel by converting into nitric oxide. This product should be taken after hard sessions of physical activity, competition and in times of high intensity or high training loads, optimizing recovery. > Gluten free, sugar free & with

NATURAL AROMAS After exercise, it is essential to recover as soon as possible to:> Assimilate the training. > To be able to perform 100% the next day. We must:> Protect and rebuild the "damaged" muscles during exercise through proteins and amino acids. > Fill glycogen stores as soon as possible with a quality carbohydrate. > Provide 15-25% protein compared to carbohydrate.


It recovers you 100% because it contains approximately 50% of the best protein with respect to carbohydrate. It also provides: - L-Arginine (250 mg per dose). Facilitates recovery. - Creatine (3 g per dose).

Reduces recovery time and loss of muscle mass.

Combine it with:> Mineral salts. 1 capsule of SALTS Electrolytes or 500 ml of ISOTONIC DRINK.

> Energy for recovery. 1 ENDURANCE FUEL BAR.

It does not contain sugars.

It does not contain gluten.

INGREDIENTS Lactalbumin concentrate, amylopectin, semi-defatted cocoa powder (cocoa flavor), creatine, flax oil, medium chain triglycerides, l-arginine, flavorings, sweetener: sucralose, color: beet red (strawberry flavor), beta-carotene ( vanilla flavor).



Nutritional information:

100 g / 50 g Proteins 45.80 g / 22.90 g Fat 7.00 g / 3.50g Omega 6 0.06 g / 0.03 g Omega 3 17 g / 0.09 g Carbohydrates 44.60 g / 22.30 g of which sugars 0.00 g / 0.00 g Energy value: 412.9kcal (1725.9 kJ) / 206.45 kcal (862.95kJ) Amino Acid Content: 100 g / 50 g L- Arginine 500 mg / 250 mg Amino Acid Content per 100 g of Protein L-Alanine 5.4g L-Arginine 2.8g L-Asparagine (Aspartic Acid) 11.5g L-Cysteine 2.5g L-Glutamine (Acidoglutamic) 18, 2g L-Glycine 2.0g L-Histidine * 2.0g L-Isoleucine * 6.5g L-Leucine * 11.9g L-Lysine * 10.1g L-Methionine * 2.3g L-Phenylalanine * 3.6g L -Proline 6.2g L-Serine 5.6g L-Threonine * 7.1g L-Tryptophan * 2.0g L-Tyrosine 3.5g L-Valine * 6.1g

* Total essential amino acids BCAA 22.5g

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