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Sunglasses for running and trail running are one of the accessories increasingly demanded by runners due to their optimal results and product quality.

Despite the fact that their use is recommended mainly in periods where the sun shines with greater force, it is important to use them throughout the year since they avoid damage to sight by protecting, not only from UV and UVA rays, thanks to the polarized and photochromic lenses, which darken to filter out the sun's rays and become lighter when there is not so much light. But they also protect against dust, dirt and small particles.

In addition , running and trail running glasses help to generate less visual fatigue for the runner, thus increasing performance and improving concentration, which translates into less risk of injury.

The sunglasses are designed to ensure adherence by increasing grip despite sweat, they adjust by adapting to the shape of the head, and have an adjustable bridge of the nose. These enable a ventilation system inside that prevents the lenses from fogging, so that you do not have to interrupt your race training due to this annoying situation.

One of the main differences between normal sunglasses and running sunglasses is their lightness, and this is mainly due to their half-frame design, that is, they do not have a lower edge or frame, in this way the center of The gravity of the glasses changes making them less heavy than traditional models.

In the same way, the frame is narrower and being lighter, it helps prevent sweat from sliding down the face or accumulating in the lower area of the glasses.

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