Solar Glasses Eassun Cat 3 Red Black

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  • Solar Glasses Eassun Cat 3 Red Black
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Eassun Solar Cat 3 Goggles: water repellent and ventilation system

Glen glasses stand out for: a smaller lens, compared to most current models, CAT 3 water and solar repellent, an exclusive anti-fog ventilation system, through added holes in the same lens, and a nosepiece. Adaptable to the measurements of each nose. Given its peculiarities, it is an ideal accessory for both running and cycling.


Eassun Solar Cat 3 Goggles: water repellent and ventilation system


  • CAT 3 solar glasses

Solar crystals are classified depending on their visible light absorption capacity.

This criterion is distributed into the following groups (0, 1, 2, 3 or 4). In this case, this item is category 3, so it can absorb between 82% and 92% of light in open spaces.

Therefore, this accessory is ideal for times with very high intensity ultraviolet rays.

  • light glasses

Another precious aspect of this type of product is its lightness, since it is an essential factor for the acquisition of excellent comfort.

Taking this fact into account, one of the basic objectives in its manufacture has been, from the first moment, to enhance this uniqueness.

In short, EASSUN glasses have a net weight of only 33 grams.

  • Adaptable nose for maximum comfort

The addition of a piece focused on completely adapting to the size of the nose of each subject helps, without a doubt, to provide a feeling of individualization of the unquestionable item.

At the same time, this mechanism makes them also non-slip, since they are easier to stay attached to the face.

Obtaining this benefit optimizes that all those people who equip themselves with this model achieve immeasurable well-being.

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