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Altra: Leading Natural Running

Unique FootShape™ Technology

Anatomical Design for Maximum Comfort

Experience comfort with Altra and its FootShape™ technology, designed for a natural and efficient stride.

Zero Drop™ Balanced Footwear

Natural Posture, Less Injuries

Discover how Altra's Zero Drop™ design improves your posture and reduces the risk of injury, for healthy, prolonged running.

Altra: Revolution in Running

FootShape™ Technology for Total Comfort

A More Natural Footstep

Discover how Altra's FootShape™ technology allows your feet to settle naturally, increasing comfort and reducing the risk of injury.

Performance improvement

With Altra, experience a significant improvement in your performance thanks to a design that respects the natural anatomy of your foot.

Zero Drop™: Balance and Posture

Equality in Heel and Toe Height

Altra's Zero Drop™ feature promotes natural body balance and better postural alignment, crucial for runners.

Injury prevention

Benefit from a lower incidence of injuries with footwear designed to imitate barefoot walking, maintaining comfort over long distances.

Altra: Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability

Variety in Running and Trail Footwear

For All Types of Runners

Altra offers a wide range of running and trail footwear, ensuring that every runner finds the perfect fit for their style and needs.

Sustainable Designs

Committed to the planet, Altra integrates recycled materials into its designs, leading the industry towards greener practices.

High Quality Running Accessories

Complement your Team

Explore Altra running accessories, from technical socks to hydration belts, designed to enhance your running experience.

Innovation in Every Product

At Altra, each product is designed to offer maximum functionality, backed by constant research and development.




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