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Q36.5: Cycling experience

Q36.5 transforms cycling clothing, elevating your experience with every pedal stroke. With high-performance textiles and an anatomical design, this Italian label is dedicated to providing comfort and quality, redefining innovation in cycling.

Discover Q36.5: Revolutionizing Cycling Clothing

Q36.5, a brand originating from South Tyrol, Italy, is renowned for its high-quality cycling clothing and accessories. Through meticulous material selection and anatomical design, Q36.5 seeks to offer a superior cycling experience. The brand stands out for its high-performance, lightweight fabrics with an anatomical cut that guarantees comfort in movement.

Featured Products

Featured products from Q36.5 include a range of deep winter equipment, designed to overcome the toughest conditions and maintain performance on the coldest rides of the year. They also offer the Wind Shell collection, an ultra-light range that provides efficient insulation against sudden drops in temperature. In addition, they stand out for their "3 Points of Contact" technology that focuses on optimizing the transfer of energy, comfort and performance in the three key points of contact between the cyclist and their bicycle: hands, saddle and feet.

Commitment to Sustainability and Customer Support

Q36.5 prides itself on its sustainable practices, carrying out all its production cycles in Italy within a 350 square kilometer radius from its headquarters in Bolzano, helping to minimize pollution. They offer a warranty and repair policy, providing support throughout the life of the product. Additionally, they provide personal consultations and video chat support to support customers on their journey with the absolutely essential Q36.5 equipment.

Success Stories and Testimonials

The brand has been part of numerous success stories, from cross-border cycling adventures to participation in time competitions. Additionally, Ironman World Champion Daniela Ryf joined the Q36.5 team, further supporting the quality and performance of the brand's products.




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