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100% Glasses: Revolution in Cycling

Discover 100% glasses and their revolutionary impact on cycling. Cutting-edge technology and exceptional design at the best price. Equip yourself like the professionals.

Innovative Sports Glasses

Advanced Lens Technology

100% is synonymous with innovation in sports eyewear, offering products with advanced lens technology designed to improve the athlete's vision and protection in any condition. The lenses offer superior optical clarity, full UV protection and impact resistance.

Additionally, the brand stands out for its variety of interchangeable lenses, allowing users to quickly adapt to different lighting environments, from sunny days to low light conditions.

Design and Comfort

The glasses' design 100% combines style and functionality, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for long hours of use. Attention to detail in ergonomics ensures that the glasses adapt perfectly to the shape of the face, offering unrivaled protection and comfort.

Strategically designed ventilation minimizes fogging, keeping the athlete's vision clear throughout the activity. This is essential for competitors in cycling, motocross and other high intensity sports.

High Protection Helmets

Security Innovation

100% places a strong emphasis on safety and protection in its line of helmets, incorporating cutting-edge technologies to absorb and dissipate the force of impacts. The helmets are designed to offer maximum protection without compromising comfort or style.

The inclusion of advanced ventilation systems also ensures that users maintain an optimal temperature, avoiding overheating during physical exertion.

Style and Personalization

100% helmets are recognized not only for their safety and functionality, but also for their style. With a wide range of designs and colors, athletes can express their personality while benefiting from high-level protection.

In addition, the brand offers customization options, allowing users to adapt their helmet to their personal preferences or the colors of their team, improving the user experience and customer satisfaction.

Performance Accessories

High Performance Clothing and Accessories

100% extends its commitment to high performance to a full range of clothing and accessories, designed to complement its line of goggles and helmets. From highly durable and breathable gloves to technical clothing designed for maximum comfort and aerodynamic efficiency.

These products are made with high quality materials, offering athletes the best conditions for their performance, whether in training or competitions.

Commitment to Innovation

100% is dedicated to constant innovation in all its products, always looking for new ways to improve the performance and experience of athletes. The brand invests in research and development to ensure it is always at the forefront of sports technology.

This commitment to innovation is reflected in every product, ensuring that 100% athletes have access to the latest in high-performance sports equipment.




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