Energy Drink Sub 9 226ERS - 1Kg Mango

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Energy Drink Sub 9 226ERS - 1Kg Mango

Its use is especially recommended for physical exercises or competitions lasting 90 minutes or more and for carbohydrate loads prior to long-term competitions.

Energy Drink Sub 9 226ERS - 1Kg Mango

The Sub9 line arises to meet the real demand of endurance sports , those that exceed 4 hours in duration . This product, in addition to the latest generation amylopectin, provides isolated ultrafiltered whey proteins that are easily assimilated and BCAAs with an 8.1.1 ratio , which optimizes their assimilation.

Main Ingredients : Amylopectin, Whey Protein 9% and BCAAS 8.1.1. 3%. Food supplement with sweeteners based on Carbohydrates, Proteins, Amino Acids and Vitamins.

Reference: 572-0100

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