Gel SIS Go Energy + Berry 60ml

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Main Characteristics SIS Go Energy + Gel

GO Energy + Caffeine Gel is an energy gel designed for high-intensity competition that provides fast-absorbing and easily digestible carbohydrates along with caffeine. Combined, the two ingredients give you physical and mental focus when you need it.

SIS Go Energy +

SiS GO Energy + Caffeine Gel gives you a boost of mental and physical energy before or during exercise. They're designed for long, hard endurance events, when you're running low and need an edge because carb depletion is a major cause of fatigue during exercise. Clean in the mouth, the gels are easy to digest and easy to carry around.

  • - High carbohydrate content (22g)
  • - Improves alertness and concentration
  • - Easy to digest
  • - Can be used before or during exercise
  • - Fits in jersey pockets, cycling bags and fanny packs
  • - Reduces the perception of effort
  • - 75 mg of caffeine to stimulate the central nervous system
  • - 85 calories per 60 ml
  • - Zero fat.


GO Energy + Caffeine Gel can be consumed 30 minutes before intense exercise for mental preparation. One or two more gels can be consumed towards the end of your endurance exercise when you feel like you need a physical boost or to improve alertness and concentration. Simply tear off the top of the sachet and squeeze the gel directly into your mouth.

  • - Consume before or during exercise
  • - Simply open and consume
  • - Does not need water or liquids


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