Zone3 Vanquish Mens Wetsuit

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Zone3 Vanquish Men Wetsuit 

Proclaimed as the best wetsuit Zone3 has ever created. Its new single layer, laser cut collar makes you feel like you are not wearing a wetsuit. Great flexibility and buoyancy, very fast and smooth in the water.

Zone3 Vanquish Men Wetsuit

Last season's Vanquish won the prestigious BEST ON TEST award with a 92% rating a in the specialist publication 220 Triathlon.

The new Vanquish is the finest wetsuit with the best fit and the fastest ever made.

It has become not only the choice of elite athletes, but also some of the amateur swimmers, regardless of their level of swimming.

It is preferred by triathletes of any distance, be it Ironman, Olympic or Sprint, choosing it for its high levels of comfort and flexibility in the shoulders as well as for its speed and mega-buoyancy.

Main Features

The suit is designed to ensure that the shoulder, upper arm, upper back and back areas are as flexible as possible, combining this with some of the most buoyant materials in the world around the quads, hips and glutes.

1.Ultra-thin one-piece shoulder panel has now been extended from chest to back. With this the flexibility of the suit around the arms and shoulders is increased in a way never seen before.

The extension of this panel together with the lack of seams make the suit extremely comfortable, allows the chest to expand when breathing and allows a higher position of the elbow in the water.

The focus on ensuring maximum flexibility involves increasing the distance traveled by stroke, conserving energy and minimizing the risk of shoulder injury. This special panel only 1.5 mm thick is made with Yamamoto # 40 SCS, which is one of the lightest and most flexible materials in the world.

2. The high flexibility area has been extended toward the shoulder blades and below the forearm to the hip. This 2 mm panel made of Yamamato # 39 SCS, in metallic color, used under the arms is very soft and flexible, also helping to maintain the structure of the neoprene for an extended period of time. The design of this panel is a great help in maximizing propulsion for each stroke, ensuring a smooth roll with each stroke.

3. New chest panel design extending to the hip through the torso made from 5mm Yamamoto Aerodome, acts as a roll bar to help promote torso rotation, essential between each stroke, maintaining the course of swimming and maintains core body heat.

4. The central and hip areas are made up of a combination of three different materials, all with a thickness of 5 mm, the maximum allowed by ITU rules. These panels are:

5. NBR side panels designed to work in unison with the front leg panels. NBR is an extremely buoyant material, commonly used in life jackets. This material is sandwiched between two layers of neoprene to ensure maximum lift in the water.

6. Aerodome neoprene on the front panels of the legs that go from hips to knees. This material is made with air bubbles built between the layers of fabric that produce up to 30% more buoyancy than conventional neoprene.

7. Yamamoto 39 SCS neoprene used on the buttocks, again with a thickness of 5 mm.

8. Sensory capture panel: made of Aeroforce fabric is used on the forearms to give a better feeling in the grip phase of the stroke. Instead of a traditional rubber fabric, the Vanquish uses a double layer of high performance fabric, made of water repellent Lycra fabrics. This reduces arm fatigue in the first place, as there is not as much water resistance during the grip phase, but also allows the swimmer to improve their efficiency in the water. The water does not pass through the fabric, which is waterproof, but allows you to feel the temperature and touch of it on the forearm, which helps to align the hand and the forearm during the stroke to give greater propulsion and a more natural stroke.


9. Silk-Fit inner lining used on the body and legs to make the suit very comfortable making the suit easier to put on than ever.

10. Aqua dynamic SCS nano treatment applied to the entire neoprene, which means a drastic reduction of friction with water.

11. Pro Speed ​​CuffsTM cuffs on arms and legs for quick extraction, ensuring faster transitions, saving that vital time in any triathlon.

12. Down-opening YKK zipper that makes the suit easy to put on and take off, also available with an up-opening zip.

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