Sporcks Sweet Christmas Socks

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Sporcks Sweet Christmas Socks

Christmas running sock with classic details for these important dates. Our base of always to use in your training and even outside of them.

Sporcks Sweet Christmas Socks

Unisex running sock with greater support in the ankle and metatarsal area. It has a medium compression level that helps blood circulation and reduces inflammation in longer races. The heel and toe are made of terry to minimize impact and create a greater feeling of comfort. In addition, it prevents and avoids the appearance of blisters.


  • Weight per pair: 45g for size S
  • Made 100% in Spain.
  • Shaft height of S4.
  • Breathable mesh.
  • Manufactured mainly in Coolmax® and Meryl®.

What is Coolmax®? Optimizes thermoregulation of the skin and transfers sweat to the surface so that it evaporates quickly. Coolmax® fabrics are made of polyester fibers. These special fibers have a surface area 25% larger than a conventional yarn, providing a transport system that draws moisture away from the body to the outside, where it dries faster than any other fabric.

What is Meryl®? It combines an exceptionally soft touch with the durability and robustness of nylon. Polyamide Meryl stretches up to 5 times its length with excellent recovery. It is totally breathable, managing to transport moisture to the outside and dry it quickly.


  • Nylon: 2%
  • Elastane: 19%
  • Lycra: 10%
  • Meryl®: 50%
  • Coolmax: 19%

XS (35-37), S (38-40), M (41-43), L (44-46)

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