Compressport ProRacing V3 Ultra Light Bike Socks Black Red

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Compressport ProRacing V3 Ultra Light Bike Socks Black Red

Compressport ProRacing Socks V3 Ultralight Bike Socks adopted by Pro Tour cyclists and tested and approved by many of the Top 10 triathletes in Kona that combine 2 exclusive innovations with existing Compressport technologies.

Compressport ProRacing V3 Ultra Light Bike Socks Black Red

The Compressport ProRacing Socks Bike Ultralight V3 socks have a seamless hem and without the classic stretch, the upper part of the sock does not compress the calf and ankle, thus relieving pressure in that area.

The toe cap is "ergoformable" which eliminates chafing or overheating that can hinder performance during effort. The toe cap design covers the toes without kinking, compression or choking. The toes are free and not squeezed.


Extreme Lightness: Ultrathin and light, weighs 12 grams. Designed with ultralight mesh, it is easy to put on and very pleasant to wear. You just forget you are wearing it.

● Maximum freshness : Optimal ventilation thanks to the ultralight mesh. Large semi-transparent mesh surfaces ensure maximum ventilation of the foot and ankle during exercise and keep the foot light, dry and cool.

● Stimulation of blood flow: The acupressure effect of 3D.DOTS contributes to activating and stimulating micro-blood circulation in the soft areas of the foot.

Shock absorption : The external structure on the fabric with 3D.DOTS allows the absorption and cushioning of the impact.

● Achilles tendon protection : The cushioning effect of the 3D.DOTS on the back of the sock protects the Achilles tendon from friction and pressure from the sock.

Non- slip: The multidirectional 3D.DOTS guarantee maximum grip inside the shoe, thus preventing the sock from slipping.

● Ventilation : Air flows easily between the 3D.DOTS, so there is no overheating or risk of blisters.

● Moisture evaporation : 3D.DOTS do not retain water (rain, hydration, sweat) and facilitate its removal, so that the feet stay dry.

● Maximum comfort: The internal woven structure of the 3D.DOTS guarantees maximum comfort and eliminates any risk of friction thanks to its padding effect.

REF: XU00004B906

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