Medilast NRG Trail Calf Sleeves Black / Green

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Main Features Medilast NRG Trail Calf Sleeves 

Medilast NRG trail compression calf sleeves. Competition and training line.

Medilast NRG Trail

Medilast NRG trail compression calf sleeves. Competition and training line.

  • - Recommended for Trail.
  • - Improve your brand.
  • - Decreases muscle vibrations.
  • - Indicated for use with taping.
  • - Fabric designed to avoid adherence to branches.

About the brand:

The Medilast brand was created in 1970 in Lleida with the aim of dedicating itself to the manufacture and commercialization of orthopedic elastic products. It was in 2000 when, as a result of the need for high-performance, high-added-value products for the world of sports, Medilast presented a new range of products based on compression, adding some features that quickly placed them at the forefront of elite sport. . Medilast Sport manufactures three ranges of socks that are perfectly adapted to the athlete's needs at every moment of their daily cycle. The NRG (Energy) range of compression products is made up of decreasing compression socks, leg warmers, cuffs and calves that accelerate blood flow in such a way that there is a very significant reduction in oxygen consumption, thus obtaining 13% more resistance. to exhaustion. The RECU (Recovery) range of compression products is made up of uniform compression socks and leg loops that, due to the effect produced by this compression, exert a massage and drainage effect of the toxins produced during sports practice. This sock can only be worn for a period of 2 hours after sports. The RLX (Relax) range of compression products consists of decreasing compression socks that have a relaxing effect. These socks can be used for the rest of the day so that the legs are fully rested. Along with the range of socks, Medilast Sport also manufactures products for rehabilitation and trauma, such as specialized knee, elbow, thigh, wrist and ankle braces.


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