Compressport Arm Force Ultralight Sleeves Black

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Compressport Arm Force Ultralight Sleeves Black

Compressport ArmForce Ultralight cuffs with 360-degree compression across the entire arm dampens the effect of shock waves on muscles, veins, and joints.

Compressport Arm Force Ultralight Sleeves Black

They target compression on strategic arm muscles to the millimeter and stimulate blood flow, allowing the muscles to get even more oxygen. Integrated ventilation bands improve elbow compression and comfort. It is a perfect anti UV garment that protects from cold and heat.


These arm sleeves are precisely compressed into strategic muscles.

Well maintained, muscles are easily and efficiently oxygenated.

The arms are protected against cramps and pain.

Subsequent effort, recovery is faster.

The bioceramic crystals integrated into the fiber facilitate optimal body thermoregulation during extreme exertion.

Ergonomic, these ultralight sleeves stay in place until the finish line.



Optimal heat exchange inside and out with optimized wicking of perspiration.

morpho fit:

100% seamless, your Proracing Arm Arms are woven to perfectly fit every curve of your arms, maximizing your efficiency and comfort (no chafing).


For optimal comfort, the microfiber is 100% transparent, lightweight, and very soft.

Shock absorber:

360 ┬░ compression dampens the "shock wave" effect on muscles, veins and joints.


ERAMICS "mirror effect" activates microcirculation on the skin surface (+ 92%) and leads to better thermoregulation (+ 51%).

ultra resist:

In normal use, COMPRESSPORT® is resistant to tears.


Your COMPRESSPORT® does not retain water and will remain lightweight in all conditions.

Oxygen compression:

A precision millimeter compression setting in specific areas delivers oxygen to the muscles, thereby enhancing performance and facilitating recovery. Muscles are supported for a feeling of strength and better performance over a longer distance. Ultra stretchable, the fiber is also more breathable for maximum comfort.

Integrated ventilation zones:

Innovative technology, the ventilation bands integrated directly into the compression provide optimal ventilation, evacuating heat and perspiration.

Ref: SU00008B_990

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