Cycling jerseys are garments that are used to practice cycling in all its varieties; Although for each of them the garment we need is different, when choosing a bicycle jersey, there are some characteristics in common:

  • The manufacturing materials are usually polyester and lycra, since due to their breathability, they absorb sweat and moisture quickly.

  • The visibility; That the jersey is visible is very important, especially when the sport is practiced in places where there are vehicles. That is why the neon colored jerseys are the ones that are setting the trend the most lately.

  • The jerseys must be adjusted to the body, that is why the materials are also important, in this way the cyclist can improve their speed and performance.

It is important to point out the difference between men's jerseys and women's jerseys, since the latter are manufactured especially for the anatomy of women, some of the differences are: that they are shorter, due to the fact that the upper female body tends to be smaller than the bottom, and are tighter in the chest area. In general, the whole cycling outfit differs.

The jerseys can be worn directly on the skin or on a thin layer underneath, depending on the weather conditions in which we find ourselves, these can be short-sleeved jerseys or long-sleeve cycling jerseys and can be combined with undershirts or cycling jackets.

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