Why wear cycling gloves?

Bicycle gloves or mittens serve as essential protection for cyclists. This type of special glove for cycling practitioners serves to protect the hands both on long routes where tension accumulates in the arms due to the succession of potholes. As in shorter or mountain bike routes where MTB gloves or MTB gloves are essential when it comes to damping the constant vibrations of the bicycle to which we are subjected.

Cycling gloves to reduce the pressure on the hands when holding the handlebars as well as to protect them against possible falls.

It is important to choose the model of glove for cyclists that best suits the type of cycling that is practiced, the type of cycling route, the type of bicycle and the weather. It is essential to take into account some common points that most quality cycling mittens can offer such as a breathable fabric and padded areas in the palm either with a thicker fabric, sponges or silicone inserts which are perfect to protect your hands and provide a better grip when holding the handlebars and drifting on comfortable routes.

Clearly, we don't need the same design for road riding as we do for downhill riding. But the time of year is also important, there are exclusive models for summer, gloves that are usually characterized by having grids to promote ventilation. On the other hand, there are models of cold-resistant and breathable cycling gloves made of fibers or neoprene.

Cycling mittens are used to:

  • Absorb sweat and moisture
  • Avoid slipping on the handlebar
  • Avoid scratches or wounds
  • Better grip on the handlebars
  • Increase bike control and maneuverability

At 365Rider we have the best cycling brands , with a wide range of high quality cycling gloves at a good price . Gloves designed with natural or synthetic materials, which ensure resistance to wear and a long life cycle, also have pads or gels that avoid possible pain and make your routes more comfortable. All the gloves in the catalog allow easy and quick donning or removal, so putting on and taking off the gloves is not a problem even on the bike .

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