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Giro: Quality and Design in Sports Clothing

Discover Giro, a brand that has been at the forefront of innovation in cycling and snow sports clothing and accessories since 1985.

Innovation and Performance with Giro

Since its founding in 1985, Giro has stood out for its commitment to innovation, quality and performance, offering cutting-edge products for cycling and snow sports.

Quality Without Compromise

At Giro, each product is the result of a meticulous design and manufacturing process, ensuring that each helmet, goggle, glove and footwear not only meets, but exceeds the expectations of the most demanding athletes.

The Revolution of Sneakers with Carbon Plates

The Giro shoes with carbon plates represent a significant technological advance, providing unprecedented energy transfer and improved efficiency with every pedal stroke.

Commitment to Sustainability

Giro not only focuses on performance but also sustainability, using materials and processes that minimize environmental impact without compromising quality.

Why Choose Giro

Giro is synonymous with innovation, safety and comfort. Choosing Giro means opting for equipment that takes your sporting experience to the next level.

Helmet Superiority

Giro helmets are renowned for their aerodynamic design, exceptional comfort and industry-leading protection, ensuring safety without sacrificing style.

Innovation in Glasses

Giro glasses offer optimal visual clarity, protection from the elements and a personalized fit, ensuring that every adventure is fully enjoyable.

Gloves for Every Weather

With a range of gloves designed for all weather conditions, Giro guarantees grip, durability and comfort, no matter what challenge you face.

Sneakers with Avant-garde Technology

Giro shoes, equipped with carbon plates , offer unmatched performance, making the difference in every race and cycling adventure.




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