Rotor Press-Fit 4624 Bottom Bracket

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Main Features Rotor Press Fit 4624 Bottom Bracket

Adapter for mounting 24mm axle cranks on BB30 PF frames. Steel (black) 137g. Anodized aluminum, laser engraved. CNC lathe machined with AL 7075 T6 treated. Silicone seals and inner tube (less contamination, less maintenance).

Rotor Press Fit 4624

The Rotor Press Fit 4624 bottom bracket cups for road bikes have a threaded tube, ensure the perfect alignment of the bearings, as well as hermetically protect the bearings from any contamination and allow self-installation/extraction.


  • - Steel bearings
  • - Laser anodized aluminum cups
  • - CNC lathe machining with 7075 T6 Aluminum
  • - Silicone seals and internal tube to prevent contamination and lengthen maintenance times.
  • - Compatibility: Road frames with Press Fit BB30 cage
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