Blister 2 Replacement Cartridges XLC PU-MO3 CO2 16g

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Blister of 2 XLC PU-MO3 Replacement Cartridges

XLC PU-MO3 replacement cartridges are the perfect solution to keep your bike running smoothly. This blister includes 2 high quality cartridges designed to offer exceptional performance on your bike rides.

Details of the XLC PU-MO3 Replacement Cartridges

XLC PU-MO3 Replacement Cartridges are the ideal choice for cyclists looking for reliable and long-lasting performance in their bicycles. These high-quality cartridges are compatible with a variety of bike models and are easy to install for hassle-free replacement.

Featured Features:

  • Superior Quality: Manufactured from high quality materials for reliable performance.
  • Long-lasting performance: These cartridges will keep your bike running smoothly for a long time.
  • Easy installation: Replacing cartridges is quick and easy, even for amateur cyclists.
  • Compatibility: They fit a variety of bike models, making them versatile.

Technical specifications:

Model: XLC PU-MO3
Quantity in the blister: 2 cartridges
Compatibility: Variety of bicycle models

Renew and improve the performance of your bicycle with the XLC PU-MO3 Replacement Cartridges. Keep your bike in perfect condition with these quality cartridges.

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