Shimano shifters for XT 10v (RD-M773 / M786)

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Shimano shifters for XT 10v (RD-M773 / M786)


Shimano shifters for XT 10v (RD-M773 / M786)

Rear derailleur sheave kit valid for Shimano XT 10v (RD-M773 / M786).

The sheaves or pulleys of the change are in charge of transmitting the movement of the change to the chain and regulating its tension, therefore, they are parts subject to wear and responsible for the smooth operation and smoothness of the change.

They are one of the most neglected parts in the maintenance of the transmission and are very easy to control and replace (just pay attention to the marks that indicate the direction of rotation and which is the upper and which is the lower).

It is important to make sure that they are compatible with our change.

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