Rotor VEGAST Q50 / 34 DM Road Cranks

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  • 170 mm
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Revolutionary modular bottom bracket composed of hollow aluminum cranks, 30mm aluminum bottom bracket. and oval chainring and direct mount spider assembly.

The spider is fixed to the central axis by means of a groove that allows a total adjustment of the OCP of the Q-Rings.

Possibility of mounting plates separately or in solidarity with the spider (more rigid and light).

Weight: 633gr.

The VEGAST cranks commemorate the 3 historic victories of the brand in the 2008 Tour de France, the 2011 Vuelta a EspaƱa and the 2012 Giro d'Italia. Their name is the combination of 3 legendary Grand Tour ports, such as the VEleta, the GAlibier and STelvio.

VEGAST inherit the revolutionary modular technology released with the ALDHUs, to achieve a lighter and more rigid set of cranksets.

Modular technology revolves around a 30mm 7075 CNC aluminum bottom bracket. in diameter, to which the hollow 6082 CNC forged aluminum connecting rods are attached, at each end, and the spider-chainring assembly, through its revolutionary direct mount grooving.

The system for fixing the chainrings and spider to the bottom bracket, in addition to providing enormous rigidity, allows you to adjust the OCP (Q-Rings ovality) with great precision, thanks to its multiple grooves. VEGAST cranks employ an improved and lighter version of the Trinity triplicate casting, which drills three bore holes. This allows the connecting rod to withstand rotation and resist torsion more effectively than a single-drain rod.

The 100% CNC aluminum construction goes beyond simply using fashionable materials, as it remains true to its goal of delivering unrivaled performance at its weight level. In this way, it offers the rigidity of aluminum with a lower weight than most carbon cranks!

But the greatest advance in stiffness and lightness is achieved with the innovative idea of, starting from an aluminum block, CNC carving the spider and chainrings in a single piece.

The icing on the cake is the direct mount multi-groove system for attaching the spider to the bottom bracket.

The end result of all this technological deployment is a lighter and more rigid bottom bracket, without sacrificing a groundbreaking aesthetic.

The VEGAST bottom bracket system is compatible, through the corresponding cups, with BB30, BB386, BB86, PRESS FIT 30, PRESS FIT 4130, PRESS FIT 4630.

The connecting rods are manufactured in three different lengths: 170 / 172.5 / 175 mm.

The plates are oval 50/34 in solidarity with the spider. Consult other combinations.

Kit includes cranks, bottom bracket and spider / chainrings; does not include bottom bracket cups.

Q factor: 147mm.

Chain line: 43.5mm

Weight: 633gr. (170mm. DM 50/34 round)

Ref .: C02-106-20010-00

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