Energy Drink SUB 9 226ERS 1000gr Sandia

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Energy Drink SUB 9 226ERS 1000gr Sandia

The SUB9 line arises to meet the real demand of endurance sports, those that exceed 4 hours in duration. This product, in addition to the latest generation amylopectin, provides isolated ultrafiltered whey proteins that are easily assimilated and BCAAs with an 8.1.1 ratio, which optimizes their assimilation.

Energy Drink SUB 9 226ERS 1000gr Sandia

SUB 9 ENERGY DRINK Energy product specially indicated for training and competitions lasting more than 4 hours, such as ultra-trails, long-distance triathlon, road cycling races or stage mtb, among others.

This new product provides enough carbohydrate to guarantee the energy necessary for sports performance, as well as fast assimilation proteins and BCAA's. 8.1.1

It also provides sodium, the mineral that our body consumes the most during exercise. SUB9 - ENERGY DRINK contains:

> Amylopectin as an energy source: Gastric emptying up to 80% faster. Glycogen recharge up to 70% faster.

> Whey isolate protein: Multiple investigations show that the ingestion of a mixture of carbohydrates with high glycemic load such as amylopectin, together with whey isolate proteins, improves performance in long-term sports, and prolongs the time to exhaustion.

> BCAAs (8.1.1) + TYROSINE. If we increase the intake of branched chain amino acids such as leucine (8.1.1) and add tyrosine, we avoid the decrease in precursors of key neurotransmitters such as dopamine.


Taurine has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and increases the oxidation of fats as an energy substrate, which together with carnitine to improve its transport to the mitochondria, favors the use of fat and maintains glycogen reserves, key in long-term sports duration. small intestine and help improve the health of the host, acting in synergy with the above nutrients.


Amylopectin, lactalbumin isolate, L-leucine, acidifier (citric acid), L-carnitine tartrate, L-taurine, sodium chloride, tyrosine, color (beta carotene), flavor (mango flavor), L-isoleucine, L- Valine, sweetener (sucralose), citrus bioflavonoids, pyridoxine hydrochloride, and thiamine hydrochloride.


Nutritional information: 100 g / 50 g> Proteins / Proteins 9 g / 4.5 g> Fats / Fats 0.2 g / 0.1 g> Carbohydrates / Carbohydrates 78.0 g / 39 g of which sugars / of which sugars 0.1 g / 0.05 g> Salts / salt 0.327 g / 0.1635 g sodium / Sodium 0.1308 g / 0.0654 g Energy value: 1462.2 kcal (349.8 kJ) / 731 .08 Kcal (174.9 kJ) Vitamin Content: 100 g / 50g • Vitamin B1 00.20 mg 19.8% RDA / 00.10 mg 9.09% RDA * • Vitamin B6 00.50 mg 35.72 % RDA / 00.25 mg 17.86% RDA *

Amino Acid Content per 100g of protein / 50g> Aspartic acid 6.40g> Glutamic acid 9.30g> Alanine 2.95g> Arginine 1.06g> Cysteine 1.35g> Phenylalanine 1.69g> Glycine 0.83g> Histidine 2 , 78g> Isoleucine 5.05g> Lysine 5.05g> Methionine 1.23g> Proline 3.25g> Serine 2.91g> Tyrosine 1.65g> Threonine 4.01g> Tryptophan 1.09g> Valine 2.73g> Leucine 5 , 40g *% RDA: Recommended Daily Amount

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