Energy Gel Overstims Energix Lemon 30g (1 unit)

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Overstims Energix Lemon Energy Gel 30g (1 unit)

The ENERGIX gel is specifically designed for long-distance sports practices because it maintains its effectiveness during efforts lasting more than 2 hours thanks to its gradual energy supply, BCAAs of plant origin and vitamin B6, which helps reduce fatigue.

The energy gel par excellence for endurance tests

ENERGIX energy gel is specifically formulated for long-distance sports practices, such as marathons, trail running, cycling, mountain biking, triathlon...

ENERGIX allows you to maintain efficiency in long-term efforts thanks to its gradual energy intake, BCAAs of plant origin and vitamin B6, which helps reduce fatigue.

The ENERGIX gel is ingested during the effort at regular intervals of about 45 minutes and compensates for momentary increases in energy expenditure.

It has a liquid texture that is practical and pleasant during exercise.

Take an ENERGIX gel approximately every 45 minutes during the effort.
Drink 1 or 2 drinks of OVERSTIM energy drink or water after taking the gel.

Strengths of ENERGIX energy gel

ENERGIX energy gel gives you:

  • gradual energy
  • Plant-based BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids)
  • Vitamin B1, which contributes to good energy metabolism
  • Vitamin B6, which helps reduce fatigue

excellent tolerance

ENERGIX energy gel is a gel without preservatives or dyes that the body perfectly tolerates to accompany you during sports.

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