POC Myelin Helmet Dark Purple Black

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POC Myelin Helmet

The POC Myelin Helmet is designed with an adhesive-free structure, making it easy to disassemble and recycle, ideal for environmentally conscious urban cyclists.

  • Helmet type : Urban
  • Aerodynamics : Construction optimized for the city
  • Ventilation system : Ventilated areas to prevent overheating
  • Safety technology : Lightweight EPS liner for optimized protection
  • Weight : Light, ideal for daily use
  • Materials : 50% recycled materials, fabric shell

Discover the Innovative POC Myelin Helmet

The POC Myelin Helmet is a conscious choice for the urban cyclist, combining style, comfort and a commitment to sustainability.

Construction Designed for the Future

Developed to be easily disassembled, the Myelin uses recycled materials and avoids adhesives to simplify recycling at the end of its life cycle.

Top Ventilation

Ventilated areas in the helmet ensure a comfortable and cool ride, ideal for long urban rides and hot days.

Reliable Security and Protection

Equipped with an EPS liner, the helmet offers optimal protection, while its lightweight structure ensures that comfort is not sacrificed.

Comfortable and Secure Fit

Thanks to the snap adjuster and elastic sections, the helmet fits securely and comfortably, staying in place without constant adjustments.

Sustainable Materials

The use of recycled fabric for the outer shell underscores POC's commitment to sustainability, while the glue-free construction makes it easy to separate and recycle components.

Effective Ventilation

A well-designed ventilation system allows heat to escape efficiently, keeping the rider comfortable and cool at all times.

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