Brake Disc Shimano Rotor RT-CL800 Center Lock Ice-Tech Freeza 160mm

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Shimano Rotor RT-CL800 Center Lock Ice-Tech Freeza 160mm Brake Disc

With a focus on decreasing disc thermal deformation, the result of the new disc brake is quieter performance without sacrificing weight or heat dissipation.

Quieter control for any terrain

In order to prevent heat-induced deformation, Shimano has reinforced the alloy bracket and optimized the shape of the arm on the RT-CL800 disc brake. The result is not only a smoother braking experience, but a quieter one as well. With the help of Ice-Technologies' proven Freeza design, the GRX RX810 series-level disc provides first-class, stable braking performance even on long, steep descents.

The key to excellent braking performance is fast heat dissipation, which is achieved with the help of the so-called sandwich construction (stainless steel - aluminum - stainless steel). This results in a significantly lower surface temperature, which in turn ensures less fade, more consistent brake modulation, and increased stopping power, while at the same time reducing brake noise and extending brake life. the brake pads.

Highlights of the Shimano RT-CL800 brake disc

  • Reliable, smooth and quiet braking performance
  • Excellent heat dissipation for first class braking performance on long and steep descents
  • Ice Tech Freeza Design
  • Sandwich construction (stainless steel - aluminum - stainless steel)
  • center lock mount
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