Jersey Q36.5 Short sleeve Pinstripe Pro Blue Navy

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Q36.5 Pinstripe Pro Short Sleeve Jersey Navy blue

The fabric is completely new, made with micro-polyester filaments structured into a three-dimensional surface that results in increased moisture management thanks to both the natural push-pull construction and selectively chosen fibers.

Q36.5 Pinstripe Pro Short Sleeve Jersey

Update this season with the new minimal stitching pattern of the Pinstripe X L1.
A jersey that has the exclusive 3D quick-drying fabric, capable of keeping you cool even in moments of greatest effort. This fabric expels moisture 50% faster than any other polyester fiber.
But it is in aerodynamics where you can get the best out of the Pinstripe, thanks to its special exterior texture and the absence of seams on the shoulders, the jersey reduces aerodynamic incidence especially when riding at high speeds (40 to 59 km/h). . The silver thread insert provides antistatic and anti-cramp properties. Pre-shaped for the on-bike position, this jersey features an invisible pocket system, laser cut sleeves and a smooth zip.


  • 115 g
  • 18 °C
  • 19% ELASTANE
  • 2% SILVER


  • Materials: 79% Polyester 19% Elastane 2% Silver
  • Weight: 115g
  • Breathability: 5/5
  • Water repellency: 1/5
  • Waterproof: 1/5
  • Insulation: 2/5
  • UV protection: 5/5
  • Reflectivity: 1/5
  • Weight: 5/5
  • Wind control: 1/5
  • Muscle support: 1/5


- A garment with an Ergogenic Pattern has been designed in such a way that all the panels and fabrics are adjusted to support specific muscle groups during sports activity. Garments designed with ergogenic patterns will be distinguished by their extremely snug but non-constrictive feel and increased stability during the pedaling motion, as the fabric, cut and alignment of the panel support a balanced position and consequently reduce fatigue muscle on longer or more intense rides.


- The introduction of the silver thread can be understood as a further refinement of the original raison d'être of the fabric in which the extraordinary natural properties of this material are carefully exploited in a context of sports use. When activity becomes intense and the body emits excess heat and moisture must be treated by conduction, evaporation and convection, the fabric instead benefits from the high thermal conductivity of silver. The greatest performance advantage of pure silver wire is not given by its antibacterial or conductive qualities, but by its protective qualities against electrostatic and magnetic interference (so-called "electrosmog" pollution from electromagnetic radiation resulting from wireless technology and network electrical). The protection offered by the silver wire of these waves allows active muscles to operate with fewer "distractions", further refining the ergogenic function of Q36.5's high-density woven fabrics.


- Unique pocket patch design that eliminates the cumbersome additional panel of fabric used on all other jerseys, and instead integrates the containers into the jersey pattern. 3 equally large pockets plus 1 additional zippered pocket. This feature accentuates the essentialism and minimalist aesthetic of the Q36.5 jersey and jacket designs and offers a small aerodynamic advantage.


- The jersey is made from our proprietary Pinstripe Lx fabric known to be highly durable and strong enough to withstand a pack. In general, cycling jerseys are not particularly resistant to abrasion. The Pinstripe fabric, although extremely light (100 grams/m^2), is, due to the choice of construction and yarn selection, exceptionally robust and durable.
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