Q36.5 Base Layer 3 Long Sleeve Base Layer Antracite

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Long sleeve base layer Q36.5 Base Layer 3 Gray

And taking advantage of the possibilities of the Karl Mayer knitting machines, Q36.5 has developed a technologically extreme vision of the traditional undershirt and also transparent.

Long sleeve base layer Q36.5 Base Layer 3 Gray

Even riders who are already familiar with high-performance undershirts will be able to immediately notice the new feel introduced into that product.

The most outstanding:

● Greater elasticity and less resistance to movement in all directions, given by Karl Mayer's ability to construct multiple seamless tubes (most "sleeveless" base layers are technologically required to sew around the armhole, for example: the elimination of all seams) (with the exception of two short joining stitches on the shoulders) obviously also increases the comfort of such a tight undershirt or base.

● A lightweight material that is much more resistant and less fragile , since unlike other seamless machines Karl Mayer develops a true rip proof maya which also eliminates the seams of a garment: in fact it can be cut and modified as the user wishes, without compromising the durability of the product and without risk of fraying. The honeycomb pattern unfolds in different densities along with more open and tighter sections tracing the thermal requirements and regional sweat rates of the athlete's body.

● The result is a surprisingly sheer base coat and minimal weight is 108g. (design result, not an objective), best used above 8ºC.

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