Compressport Pro v4.0 White Socks

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Compressport Pro v4.0 Socks

Discover performance and aerodynamic comfort with the Compressport Pro v4.0 Socks, designed specifically for demanding cyclists. Improve your speed and endurance with innovative technology.

  • Material: High performance fabric with technology for aerodynamics
  • Fabric technology: Stripes for sweat removal and high breathability
  • Breathability: Advanced ventilation to keep feet cool
  • Water resistance: Not applicable
  • Fit Details: Ergonomic bridge support and comfortable fit
  • Weight: Light, with specific design for cycling
  • Compression: Activation of venous return to improve performance
  • Specific technologies: Aero.dots, 3D.Dots and Flat.Dots for support and ventilation

Aerodynamic Design for the Modern Cyclist

The Compressport Pro v4.0 Socks take your cycling experience to a new level, combining advanced technology and ergonomic design to provide unmatched support, speed and comfort on your rides.

Superior Fabric Technology

Constructed with a striped material and innovative technology, these socks effectively manage moisture and optimize aerodynamics.

Exceptional Breathability

Strategic ventilation and high breathability keep your feet dry and comfortable, even on the longest, hottest days in the saddle.

Premium Fit and Comfort

Enjoy a perfect fit with ergonomic arch support and a redesigned toe box for better proprioception, eliminating any discomfort or irritation.

Details that Make the Difference

Aero.dots technology reduces resistance, while the combination of 3D.Dots and Flat.Dots underfoot offers grip and activates venous return, delaying fatigue.

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