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SIS Go Effervescent Tablets Immune 20 x 4g Orange

SIS Go Effervescent Tablets Immune 20 x 4g Orange

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SIS Go Immune effervescent tablets 20 x 4g Orange

A food supplement that strengthens your immune system and hydrates you during exercise. Contains vitamin C, iron and electrolytes to improve your performance and health. Dissolve one tablet in 500 ml of water and enjoy its orange flavor.

SIS Go Immune effervescent tablets 20 x 4g Orange: the ally of your immune system

Did you know that intense physical exercise can weaken your defenses and make you more prone to infections? Therefore, it is important that you take care of your immune system with good nutrition and hydration.

SIS Go Immune effervescent tablets help you protect your health and improve your sports performance. They are designed to support and maintain immune function during and after exercise, thanks to their content of vitamin C and iron, which contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system1. In addition, they contain electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium, which help you replace the minerals you lose through sweat and prevent dehydration2.

SIS Go Immune tablets are easy to use: just dissolve one tablet in 500 ml of pure water and take it before, during or after exercise. Its orange flavor is refreshing and pleasant, and it contains no calories or added sugars. Each container contains 20 tablets of 4 g each, allowing you to prepare up to 10 liters of isotonic drink.

Don't wait any longer and try SIS Go Immune tablets, the ideal complement for athletes who want to take care of their health and performance. Suitable for vegans and gluten-free.

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